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Bozeman, Montana

Potter Residence

Emily and Gregg Potter moved to Montana after living in Idaho and wanted to feel better in their spaces. They loved their home but knew the decor, style and arrangements could use some improving. They asked me to do a 2-Day Flip so we could quickly provide them a new look. 


I took a look at the spaces, rearranged some furniture and then we went shopping. Emily was unsure of the pieces I was suggesting but trusted my judgment. We found new decor including florals, plants, pillows, accent pieces and a small end table. 


On day 2 of the Potter's flip I took all decor out of their rooms and carefully decided what to keep and what to add. Using more color in the spaces was really needed because all the neutrals were blending together and needed some "pop".   

Now Emily says when she comes home it feels like Christmas every day! The Potters really love their home and it was my joy to serve them. 

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