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Home Stylus was founded in 2013 and began from a dream. Ever since I can remember interiors has been my passion. Spending lazy afternoons rearranging my mother's living room over and over again getting it just right was my love. Recovering an old sofa in college was the friday night party.


I have country roots. I know what it's like to move sprinkler pipe on a hot summer day. I know what it's like to ride a horse for hours pushing cows in the mountains, eating licorice from your saddle. These experiences showed me the beauty of nature and the value of hard work. 

Fast forward to today and Home Stylus has become the dream of my youth. I pinch myself every day; gratitude for this work just explodes my heart. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I create dream spaces for clients. I love bringing the beauty of nature inside. Our interiors always have a bit of nature. 

At Home Stylus we are committed to you getting the result you've always dreamed of. Have you dreamt of a dream home? With all the right feel, luxury, style and look you have always wanted? Do you love your business and want it to showcase your work with style? Whatever your situation Home Stylus has you covered. Let us create your dreams!




Jill Weadick, B.A. Interior Design

Interior Designer & Founder

Your interiors are my passion. I listen to you and piece together the beautiful interiors you have always wanted. Do you want it to be really nice? With style, a high-end feel and the touches you've always wanted?


I team up with the very best in the trades to create high-quality style so you have less headaches, faster results and exciting projects that come to life. It is my pleasure to help you create the look of your dreams. 

People ask me, so what's your thing with design. What are you known for? 

My clients tell me I really listen to them. They say I have a way of bringing their vision to life in ways they never thought of. 

What I really love to do is create pallets that sing and have staying power. I love to create interiors that last and don't go out of style in a day. I can't stand "same old-same old" and believe your interiors should definately not be like everybody else's. 

Your rooms should be unique like you! They should reflect your story. Your history. Your passions. Your look. 

So I love bringing your look into play and I'm highly skilled at adding texture, color, form, function and craftsmanship to your spaces. I always bring nature inside and my interiors showcase nature in some shape or form. The beauty of nature is after all completely unsurpassed. 

On a personal note, I am married to the love of my life and we have two amazing children. Downhill skiing in winter is my thing when not designing rooms (can you say Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee!) Kayaking in summer in the beautiful western outdoors is also my thing. The majesty and breathtaking scenery of nature gives me deep peace and design inspiration.

I look forward to serving you with my creative passion and I can't wait to meet you!

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