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What is a 2-Day Flip?

Decorating not your thing? Decorating not your strong suit? Here's what we do in a 2-day flip so you can love your rooms.

My friend Emily called one day and said, "Jill, I don't know what to do with my house? I want it to look better and I'm totally confused. Will you help me?"

So I went to Bozeman, Montana where Emily had moved with her family to see their house.

“I knew immediately this was a great house and I could visualize how awesome it could look with a 2-day flip."

I rearranged some furniture to begin with and noticed Emily had amazing taste in furniture. It was well made, in neutral tones and had rustic style. The problem with the main great room in her home was a lack of texture and color. I could see how we could make the fireplace focal point work as well as create a wall of interest opposite the fireplace.

Color and texture were my main focus when we went shopping.

In a 2-day flip I go the residence and take a look. I ask the homeowner what they are wanting to create. I get a feel for the strengths and weaknesses of the design. Then I build on the strengths and fix the weak areas.

“When we went shopping I asked Emily what her budget was and we found stores that worked accordingly."

Emily's budget was not on the high end. She likes bargains and is all about a $30 pillow and not a $150 pillow for example. So we went to Pier One, TJ Maxx, Cost Plus World Market, and a few other stores. I found decor that would work in the great room and got feedback from Emily as we piled things in the shopping carts.

She was unsure about some things wanting to know where they would go. I'm never exactly sure where things are going to go until I start decorating. I use my skill and intuition to find decor which works together, has the style of my client and has a variety of heights and textures needed to create "wow" factor. I told Emily, "we can always return whatever we don't use so you aren't wasting money."

When we returned to her home the next day I took down all the current decor in the room. Then I unwrapped the new decor and started arranging things and working my magic in the room. Emily couldn't believe how well the results turned out. She took back about $30 worth of decor and kept the rest. She is still thrilled with the results and has since used my services for help with new lighting in the room and some beginning ideas for her master bedroom.

It was so much fun to do this 2-day flip for my friend! If you are wondering how to make your rooms shine with style give us a call. We would love to help you.

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