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Should You Build or Remodel?

Are you sick of your house? Have you been thinking about building new or remodeling the one you have? Here's the scoop on pros and cons.

In this remodel above the client's had thought they would build new. Unfortunately there were some hang ups on the project getting underway so before the foundation was poured they changed their minds and decided to remodel.

“Building new provides lots of options for layout and design but it can be a higher cost than in previous years, which may be difficult to finance. If you like your home and neighborhood it might make sense to remodel, saving on building costs and still giving a great look.”

I love to handle interior design details on new built homes. It's wonderful to have a clean slate and be able to help with floor planning, layout and space planning details. On the other hand it is really fun to tackle a remodel because I enjoy the challenge of creating something new out of an older space. When people have been living in their homes for awhile they get so excited when I transform their spaces, and that just makes me feel good.

Building new has its rewards and drawbacks.

With a new build you choose the whole shabang. The floor plan, exterior elements, layout, rooms sizes, materials and pretty much everything. You get to create from the ground up which is pretty thrilling. When those walls go up and the roof is on you will feel a sense of thrill that a remodel can't provide.

Working with a designer along with your builder really makes sense because with a new build the details needed can be overwhelming. You'll need to choose so many things. Flooring. Wall paint colors. Trim size and details. Cabinetry finishes. Wainscoting. Wallpaper. Lighting. And the list goes on and on.

So having help is key, and then the fun part happens as the house progresses in the building stages. Then you end up with a wonderful new built home that will stay "new" for a good period of time.

Remodeling has its rewards and drawbacks.

With remodeling you get to stay put in the home you have. You don't have to wait for the new building to become finished which often involves moving costs and renting costs, as well as a pretty fair amount of patience.

In remodeling you get to watch the internal transformation of your current home. It can be difficult on your patience just as a new build can be. These things often take much longer than you want them to, as good sub contractors are in high demand and very busy. Having said that if you can wrap your mind around the job taking some time, you can enjoy watching the process and seeing your home transformed from what was to brand spanking new.

Remodeling is generally going to cost less than building new, although it is still an investment. With design help, your remodel will look amazing and please you just as much as a new home would. We really can create magic in remodeling projects. People tell us all the time, "Wow this is amazing, I can't believe this is my house!"

Either way whether you decide to build new or remodel be sure you have a good designer on hand. You'll need me or another great designer to help you as you move forward on creating the home of your dreams. It is simply too overwhelming to try and do it all yourself, and especially if you don't have the "designer eye" you'll enjoy having help so you really love where you live.

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