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Should You Refinish Cabinets?

Are you trying to renovate your house without spending a fortune? Are you tired of your dated kitchen? What if you had your kitchen cabinets refinished instead of getting all new ones? In this renovation we saved the home owners about $10,000 by keeping their existing cabinetry.

In this kitchen the cabinets were dated because they were a very dark wood in an older more dated design. The kitchen felt dark and enclosed even though the footprint was larger than most midsize home kitchens. The woman of the house was really ready for an update and when I showed her some of my work she said, "Oh I love those white cabinets! What do you think of white?"

White usually works great in kitchens as long as there are other elements of color and texture to break things up. This home had a stone exterior, stone fireplace mantle and lots of wood. So we needed to find colors which worked well with the overall look of the home.

I noticed my clients overall style was modern rustic. They liked clean smooth lines in their furniture and also appreciated traditional elements such as stone, granite and iron. Their property is near the river on a couple of acres with horses, grass and trees. It's beautiful so I knew the kitchen had to really pop with style and still have a natural feel.

We stayed within the client's budget and they were really pleased with the cost savings we were able to provide.

In our area of Idaho Falls, Idaho it is common to spend about $35,000 to $55,000 for a new kitchen if your kitchen is a mid to small size. Usually we are gutting kitchens and creating new cabinetry. We were quite a bit under that $35,000 initial marker in this project because we used existing cabinetry. The price of wood has gone up in the last 6 months about 30% so that increases overall new cabinet prices.

There are cases in which it makes sense to demo the old cabinets and get brand new ones. If you plan to stay in your home for a number of years and you want a fresh look, new cabinetry is the way to go. New cabinets are so smooth in functioning, have soft close doors, and can be built to specs so you will get more storage space. Gotta have a place to store that instapot right?

If you are happy with the overall functioning of your kitchen and want to save money, refinishing cabinets is a great choice. In this project the white paint really made a massive difference of more light. We also created a custom cabinet with a butcher block top stained a dark color. This gave these clients something new with their old and more storage for that instapot.

Whatever your circumstance, go ahead and get your new kitchen. It makes life so much more enjoyable to love your kitchen. Don't wait until you have decided to sell your house to update it. Go for it!

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